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The 340B Together Team

Where the Passion Begins

Trent Lott, PharmD, ACE

Co-Founder & Managing Member

Trent has dedicated his life and professional career to helping others. Having over two decades of retail and hospital pharmacy management experience throughout the Southeast, Trent provides a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in bridging the gap between covered entities and retail pharmacies as it relates to the 340B program. Over the last seven years, he has helped develop and manage fourteen highly successful and HRSA compliant 340B programs. As the co-founder of 340B Together in 2018, his passion is to share this knowledge with others, allowing other rural entities to provide affordable care to patients who may not otherwise be able to obtain it. Trent resides in Sebastopol, Mississippi, with his wife of 26 years and his three children.

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Josh Kennedy, BSN, RN, ACE

Co-Founder & Managing Member

Josh is a registered nurse in the state of Mississippi with nearly a decade of nursing experience. In addition to his clinical skills, Josh has consulted and managed clinical operations for up to ten critical access hospitals in seven different states. His expertise in rural health and provider-based clinics has been instrumental in converting multiple free standing clinics to provider-based rural health clinics.  Over the last seven years, Josh has helped develop and manage ten highly successful 340B programs. Josh's desire is to help rural hospitals grow their clinical services and optimize their resources so they can provide more care options to the patients and communities they serve.

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Meet The Team

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April Davidson, RN

Compliance Manager
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Bryce Harrell, PTA

Account Manager
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Ian Kennedy, AA

Account Manager
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Nicole Kennedy, BSBA

Public Relations Manager
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Bryce Callie Leach, BAE

Account Manager
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Camden Lott

Account Manager
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Keren Lott, BSN

Public Relations Manager